KTM Arts provides theatrical producing services and events, working across both new work, cabaret, music hall and theatre shows, with events spanning charitable and commercial sectors. She is a highly acclaimed event planner, manager and curator, with thirty years experience delivering memorable events across the UK.


Katie can support your next event or production, for corporate, charitable or commercial audiences. Katie will advise clients at the earliest planning stages to develop concepts, establish budgets, casting and implement the appropriate teams in place. Katie has endless resources and contacts in theatre to support getting the most expert advice on your production and bring in the highest quality creative team to your specifications. 

Contact Katie to start planning your next event. 

KTM Arts has been producing Music Hall at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, since 2006. (Photos of Music Hall at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch by Mark Sepple)

Charity Gala for Ovalhouse at The Mayfair Hotel, Stratton Street, with a message from Patron, Pierce Brosnan (Photos of Ovalhouse Charity Gala, May Fair Hotel by Piers Allardyce)