Crisis at Christmas - East London Centre Manager

"My Crisis dreams have come true! we have an opera singer, singing 'La Traviata'. She had the entire floor in the palm of her hand. She followed up with Phantom of the Opera 'Think Of Me' . Audience is enthralled.

Listening and dancing. I am so happy right now..."


Director, Ovalhouse

“I worked with Katie Milton for 4 years when she led the Capital Development Fundraising initiative for Ovalhouse. She absolutely knows what she is doing, and backs up clear expertise with excellent networking skills, extremely hard work, a generous personality and a passion for what she does. I miss her!”


Producer at Pegasus Opera Company

"I have worked in the same office as Katie at Ovalhouse for the past few months. Not only is she a fierce worker but a joyous delight to be around.

With a million and one talents developed over an incredible career Katie not only exemplifies the perfect employee but the qualities of anybodies want-to-be best friend. She is an elegant classy woman with a fantastic sense of humour. Not only is she the campaign director at Ovalhouse but manages her own company whilst maintaining her passion for singing. She does this poised and effortlessly. I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat."


Professional Magician

"Katie is great ambassador for the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch and Havering Chamber of Commerce and it has been a great last few years being involved in events for the Theatre and community."



GD design and print management

"Katie has raised the profile of The Queens Theatre in theBusiness Community and boy, what a voice! I throughly recommend her."


Tenebrae Trustee & Chair, Development Board

"Katie has brought a whole variety of benefits to Tenebrae as an external Development Consultant: implementing best practice in the cultivation of major donors; restructuring and improving our membership bands and Friends’ offer; and shaping what is now a full-time role of Development & Learning Coordinator, which has had a huge impact on our fundraising capacity. Just as importantly, she is such fun to deal with and remains on hand as a frequent source of advice and enthusiasm across our Development activities, keeping our ideas fresh and relevant and both staff and Trustees focused and motivated"


Marketing Manager, Pinney Talfourd Solicitors

"I have worked with Katie a number of times now and she hasalways delivered great results. She is always so enthusiastic andhas excellent creative ideas that make each project unique."


 Chair Polysystic Kidney Disease Charity UK

"Katie’s advice and guidance regarding Fundraising was invaluable and helped us develop (and deliver) a new and successful strategy. Her knowledge and experience of the ROI models enables us to focus on the key areas that would make the biggest impact for us. Following her input we revaluated our fundraising strategy, approach and staffing.  Katie has significant successful experience of fundraising and she brought us many new and imaginative ideas for fundraising that helped us successfully build and grow our income including many great ideas on how we could maximise our Patron on leading a campaign."


Programme Director, Arts Consultant and Creative Practitioner

"Katie has become a key part of the Queen's Theatre Hornchurch admin team. Her strong organisational skills, relationship management skills, coupled with her commitment to the ethos of the Queen's make her a valuable member of staff."


Corporate Insurance Account Executive 

"I have had pleasure of working with Katie on a number of occassions and she is just fantastic in everything she does!! Highly recommend Katie to anyone who needs to work with Queens Theatre."